Monday, 16 December 2013

herbal medicine to stop masturbation

Please advise me some herbal medicine to stop masturbation and increase penis size?


Answer :

You can stop masturbation only by your will power.
There is no medicine which can help you in this.
Masturbation has caused your penis to shrink. It also causes loss of sex power in men.
Damages caused by masturbation are irreversible.
Can not be regained again.
You will feel hurt, but I am sorry.
I have been writing against the evils of Masturbation on this Forum since long.


Masturbation is not a disease.
No need to stop it.
No medicine can make you to stop it.
There is no medicine either to increase the penis size.
Come out of the Fantasy land.

I don't know about increasing penis size, but for the masturbation no medicine will help you; you will need willpower for that to simply resist the urge to put your hands on your genitals...

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